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ISAIAH 54:2-4

Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent

curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.

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In a time of fear and confusion, the world needs a fearless church. With all that’s happened these past two years, we could easily retreat and play it safe. But, not us. I believe that when you face your greatest obstacles, it’s the time of greatest opportunity!

In fact, in 2021, we’ve seen a parking lot become
a church, a crowd become a family, and ordinary people like you and me, step into their God-given potential and serve, give, and invest in the lives of others, impacting our city and beyond.


Because of your commitment, lives are being changed around the world. Every data point represents a story of life change, restoration, and healing. Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story has eternal significance.

What God did in 2021 was amazing! But, He’s just getting started.

In 2022, we will see God do more than we could ever imagine.

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At Zion, we believe in moving out of our comfort zones and actively bringing the love of Jesus to the hopeless and hurting.

In the last year, we grew from 432 to 613 weekly in attendance. We’re blessed to meet at the Outlets at San Clemente. As we continue to gather and grow, we are believing for more space and a church building.

Worship Gathering Space that fits a minimum of 500 people per service

Zion Kids worship space and classrooms

Zion Youth worship space and small groups spaces

Leadership College training facilities and classrooms

Offices for staff

As we grow, we believe in developing and hiring amazing leaders who can steward our vision and help us fulfill our God-given purpose

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$160,172 given away since launch

439 decisions for Christ since launch

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Measuring Your Impact


As we prepare to go above and beyond in our giving, take a glimpse into what your generosity has already accomplished in 2021


215 Decisions for Christ

1,105 Easter Sunday Attendance

113 Average Weekly Online Attendance



92 Average Attendance Over Last 3 Months

17 Kids Worship Team


70 ZYTH Launch Day Attendance

8 Middle & High School Small Groups

35 Group Members



Because of your generosity, Zion Church gave away $101,554 locally and globally.

$17,700 Given to Individuals (Medical Expenses, Rent, Groceries, Hotel Stays, etc.)

$65,230 Given to Church Planting —> $100k invested back into a church planning fund so another church, just like ours can be planted wherever God leads.

$18,624 Given to Local Churches & Parachurch Organizations + Foster Care + LA Outreach + House to Home

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Every sacrifice today is an investment in a brighter tomorrow.

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Making an Impact


There is no wrong way to give. It’s not about the amount but the participation. 

Not sure how much to give? Consider a small gift of $25.

Become a foundation giver and give $50 per month for one year.

Able to do more? Set an audacious goal to accelerate the vision.